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	Cosmopolitismes en Asie du Sud. Sources, itinéraires, langues (XVI<sup>e</sup>-XVIII<sup>e</sup> siècle)

Cosmopolitismes en Asie du Sud. Sources, itinéraires, langues (XVIe-XVIIIe siècle)

Corinne LEFÈVRE , Ines G. ŽUPANOV , Jorge FLORES
Corinne Lefèvre, Ines G. Županov, Jorge Flores (ed.)
Paris,  Éditions de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Puruṣārtha - Vol 33,   [2015]

April/May 2015, forthcoming


Table of contents



I. G. Županov & C.Lefèvre





Giuseppe Marcocci

Renaissance Italy Meets South Asia: Florentines and Venetians in a Cosmopolitan World


Roy Fischel

Origin Narratives, Legitimacy and the Practice of Cosmopolitan Language in the Early Modern Deccan


Jos Gommans

South Asian Cosmopolitanism and the Dutch Microcosmos in Seventeenth-century Cochin


Blake Smith

Cosmopolitanism without Islam: Dara Shikoh, Kant, and the Limits of Comparative Philosophy in Anquetil-Duperron’s Oupnekhat




István Perczel

Arabian Sea Cosmopolitanism : The Saint Thomas Christians Facing the Portuguese Expansion in India


Paul Wormser

The Paradoxical Experience of Nuruddin ar-Raniri across the seventeenth-century Indian Ocean


Vikas  Rathee

Cosmopolitan Particularism: Mahamati Pran-nath’s dawa in the Laldas Bitak


Claude Markovits

Armed Cosmopolitans? Indian Sepoys and their Travels in the Service of the East India Company (1762-1815)




Jorge Flores

The Cosmopolitan língua: the Social World of Hindu Interpreters in seventeenth-century Goa


Audrey Truschke

Regional Perceptions: Writing to the Mughal Courts in Sanskrit


Sumit Guha

Conviviality and Cosmopolitanism: Recognition and Representation of ‘East’ and ‘West’ in Peninsular India c.1600-1800


Kumkum Chatterjee

The English East India Company and Cultural Cosmopolitanism in Late Mughal Bengal


Dhruv Raina

Circulation and Cosmopolitanism in 18th Century Jaipur: The Workshop of Jyotishis, Nujumi and Jesuit Astronomers


Paolo Aranha

Vulgaris seu Universalis: Early modern missionary representations of an Indian cosmopolitan space

ISBN : 978-2-7132-2492-8

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