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Access and collections

Access and collections

The CEIAS library is housed at the Maison de l’Asie, located at 22 avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16th, metro stations: Iéna or Trocadéro, bus lines 63 or 82.

The Maison de l’Asie library provides access to the collections and documentary resources of several different research institutes (EHESS, EPHE), as well as of the Bibliothèque de l’École française d’Extrême-Orient.


The library collections boast


30 000 books

3000 off-prints

 270 maps

 445 journals (54 still publishing)

 Journals presented in the common room in the CEIAS offices (room 656)

New acquisitions


Services for users


The Maison de l'Asie reading room is located on the 1st floor. It is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Books can be requested up until 5 p.m.

The reading room is open to anyone, upon presentation of a photo ID. There is a photocopier available for use in the reading room.

In order to borrow books, a recommendation letter from a CEIAS member and an ID are required. You must register in the libriarians’ office on the 4th floor.

A registration form is available for download.

The CEIAS librarians can provide personalized assistance, preferably on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To locate documents


The BULAC catalogue has been available on-line since June 1st 2005. It includes the catalogues of its 22 partner libraries, with almost all the CEIAS resources as well. The catalogue contains bibliographical details on all document types: books, journals, microfilms and microfilm cards, maps, electronic documents.

For resources dating from before 1988 and after 2003, the Sudoc catalogue can perform searches for all document types, simultaneously querying the catalogues of French university libraries and other institutes of advanced study—including the periodicals collections of 2,900 documentary centers. It also indicates which libraries hold which documents. NB: since the CEIAS periodicals catalogue is constantly evolving, the information provided by the Sudoc catalogue is not always correct; to access the list of journals held by the CEIAS, click:  here.

Paper files are available in the reading room for author-name searches (for references prior to 2001) and for topic searches (for references prior to 1988).



The JSTOR (The Scholarly Journal Archive) catalogue can be accessed in the Maison de l’Asie reading room. This service enables users to read the on-line versions of all the articles contained in a wide array of journals. The availability of most journals on JSTOR is controlled by a "moving wall," i.e. a delay—specified by agreement between JSTOR and the publisher of the journal—between the current volume of the journal and the latest volume available on JSTOR. This time period is usually three to five years (for many journals, the most recent issues are therefore not available through JSTOR).

SAMAJ, or South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal, ( is the first academic on-line journal devoted to social science studies on South Asia. It publishes only research-based articles written by professional academics, including PhD students. Its scope is multidisciplinary, covering studies in history, geography, anthropology, sociology, political science and economy.

The Digital South Asia Library: this website provides access to reference works, such as dictionaries, image databases, statistics, bibliographies, books and journals, web-based resources.

The Virtual Collection of Masterpieces is a virtual museum that presents over 1,200 Asian masterpieces, held by 62 different museums located in 26 different countries across Europe and Asia.

The "Documentation" portal of the EHESS.

The "Les Angles de l’Asie" website: students, teachers and scholars in the humanities and social sciences—history and philosophy, anthropology and sociology, geography, economy, etc.—working on a vast terrain stretching from South to East Asia, are provided with information that can be used to federate and enliven the South and East Asian Studies community they belong to.

The "Réseau Asie" website: connects teachers, scholars and experts on East, Central and South Asia, on the Asian Peninsula and the Asian Islands, as well as on Oceania.


For more information


CEIAS librarians’ office: 01 53 70 18 25 (Thomas Corpet), 01 53 70 18 79 (Marielle Morin)

Collective email address:


Reading-room welcome desk: 01 53 70 18 46

Maison de l'Asie operator: 01 53 70 18 20


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Colloque - Jeudi 08 juin 2017 - 09:00Ce colloque a pour objet la royauté comme paradigme des relations socio-politiques en Inde, et modèle du processus de « civilisation ».L’Inde et sa civilisation ont le plus souvent été appréhendées à travers l’institution des castes et le cadre conceptuel de (...)(...)

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Histoires connectées de la danse : le cas de Jean Cébron, chorégraphe, pédagogue et passeur artistique entre l’Europe, l’Asie et les Amériques

Colloque - Lundi 29 mai 2017 - 09:00Colloque international organisé par Tiziana LEUCCI (CEIAS, EHESS/CNRS, Paris, Conservatoire ‘Gabriel Fauré’ Les Lilas-Est Ensemble) et Pierre-Philippe MEDEN (Université de Lyon, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris Nord) « Il (Jean Cébron) était tellement pré (...)(...)

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