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	Contemporary Lucknow: Life with 'Too Much History'

Contemporary Lucknow: Life with 'Too Much History'

SAMAJ 11|2015

South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal

Raphael SUSEWIND , Christopher B. TAYLOR
Raphael Susewind, Christopher B. Taylor (ed.)
SAMAJ / EASAS,  [2015]

Crédits image: Fareha Ahmed

Series editors: Margret Frenz and Roger Jeffery.

This thematic issue is the third in a series of issues jointly co-edited by SAMAJ and the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS).


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by Raphael Susewind and Christopher B. Taylor
by Justin Jones
by Joel Lee
by Mengia Hong Tschalaer
by Christopher B. Taylor
by Raphael Susewind
by Sandria Freitag


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Free-Standing Articles


by Darren Atkinson
by Mathieu Claveyrolas
by Véronique Bouillier


Book Reviews

by Alpa Shah
by Radhika Govinda
by Nausheen H. Anwar


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