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Florence Nowak

Thesis defended in December, 2015
Field: Ethnology / Social Anthropology
Institutional affiliation(s): EHESS

Professional contact information

Dissertation director: Catherine Servan-Schreiber
PhD program: EHESS - Social Anthropology and Ethnology
Initial registration: 2012


Florence Nowak became a CEIAS Postdoctoral Scholar in June 2016
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Regional Music Goes Digital: Challenges of the Garhwali Music Industry (North India)


My dissertation analyses the digital turn in the musical industry of Garhwal, a Himalayan region of North India. A significant local dialect production labelled “Garhwali music” or “Garhwali geet” has developed there since the 1950s, first in cassette form, then on CDs and DVDs; but a conjunction of factors has strongly upset this dynamic balance since the 2000s. The creation of the state of Uttarakhand in 2001 brought about the implementation of a regional cultural policy, while at the same time the generalization of digital music brought the economic model of the creative industry into question. Garhwali music thus found itself caught up in a double shift in scale: towards the local on the one hand, towards the global on the other. These opposing forces are linked to other transverse issues: common heritage and cultural product, targeted marketing and eclecticism of tastes, amateurism and professionalization in particular. The ethnographic approach makes it possible to track these contemporary dilemmas from the perspective of the regional music actors, while attempting to draw out the collective implications of their personal strategies. 




2014 | CEIAS conference grant

2013-14 | Research fellowship from the Martine Aublet foundation.

2013 | Fieldwork grant from the New Delhi Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities.



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