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Lucie Adelus

PhD Student
Field(s): Ethnology / Social Anthropology
Institutional affiliation(s): EHESS

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Dissertation director: Denis Vidal

PhD program: EHESS - Social Anthropology and Ethnology

Initial registration: 2014


Of Bodies and Bamboo. Contemporary Theater amongst the Rabha (Assam, India)


This thesis presents the ethnography of a theater community, which has settled and expanded in Rampur, a Rabha village in Assam, over the last twenty years and whose core consists of actors from this village.

Through the description of this “story-telling machine” and the living-together elaborated around it—rehearsals, drama, success and failure of projects, running of collective life—this thesis explores the relation between theatre and society.

As a theater worker witnessing his time, the director Sukracharjya Rabha, who is willing to promote awareness, tries to elaborate a theater practice that exceeds the scenic frame in order to act on society and reconfigure relationships within a community losing its points of reference.

What is at stake in this thesis an understanding of the impact—supposed or effective—of this practice on Rabha society.


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