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Postdoctoral Fellow
Field(s): Geography

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Christine Ithurbide holds degrees in geography and art history. Her research is focused on the Indian visual art scene (19th and 20th centuries) and their urban, industrial, socio-economic and political dimensions. She obtained her PhD in 2015, with a dissertation entitled “Géographie de l’art contemporain indien : villes, acteurs et territoires. Le cas de Bombay” (Geography of Contemporary Indian Art: Cities, Actors and Territories) at the CESSMA (Université Paris-Diderot), co-supervised by the Centre for the Study of Regional Development at Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi). From 2010 to 2014, she was affiliated with the program on “Industries culturelles indiennes : scènes artistiques et littéraires at the CEIAS.  From September 2015 to 2017, as a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities in New Delhi, she continued her research on art workers and the informal economy in contemporary Indian art. In parallel, she made a scientific documentary on art labor for which she received the IRD Short Film Screenwriting Award in 2015. She was a Consultant for Unesco-Delhi, in charge of a report on Art policies in India and, for two years, the coordinator of the CSH-CPR Urban Studies Seminar co-organized with the Center for Policy Research. Currently, she is undertaking a study on the regulation of cultural industries (visual arts, music, design) through a research contract with the Labex ICCA (Université Paris 13) and exploring the digital transition in cultural industries in India.


Research areas

Disciplinary fields

Social and cultural geography – Urban geography – Art history

Research topics

Territories and territorialization of art
Cultural industries
Art labor
Artistic circulations
Urban development and art policies


Fellowships and Prizes


2015 | Prize for Best Short-Film Screenplay, IRD contest entitled “Recherche Plein Sud”

2013-14 | Grant-in-Aid Rockefeller Archive Center in New York

Main publications

Chapters in collaborative volumes

2017 (forthcoming) | Ithurbide Christine, "The Modern Bombay: Making of a Cultural Metropolis from 1850 to 1950" in Choukroune and Bhandari (eds.) India In the Modern, Springer Publications.

2016 (forthcoming) | Ithurbide Christine, “Les pôles urbains du design” in Philippe Bouquillion, Julie Peghini and Catherine Servan-Schreiber (eds.), Artisanat et design : des dessins indiens ?, Arcadia Editions, Paris.

2015 | Ithurbide Christine, “L’art contemporain en Inde,” in Philippe Cadène and Brigitte Dumortier (eds.) L'Inde : une géographie. Coll. Horizon, Armand Colin. 396 p.

2011 | Ithurbide Christine, “Atul Bhalla,” “Sunil Gawde,” “Nalini Malani,” “Sudarshan Shetty.” In Fabrice Bousteau and Sophie Duplaix (eds.), Paris-Delhi-Bombay..., exhibit catalogue, Éditions du Centre Pompidou, May 2011.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

2017 (forthcoming) | Ithurbide Christine,  "Une géographie des travailleurs invisibles du marché de l'art. Le cas de la ville de Bombay, Inde," Géographie et Cultures, special issue "Marchés et nouveaux territoires de l’art dans les villes du Sud"

2017 |  Ithurbide Christine, "Des Karkhanas aux studios des artistes contemporains. L’évolution des relations entre les artistes et les artisans dans l’art contemporain indien." Revue Asie No. 8, CREOPS – Paris Sorbonne. http://124revue.hypotheses.org/christine-ithurbide

2017 | Ithurbide Christine, "Industrie de l'art en Inde :l'émergence des femmes entrepreneurs," Implications Philosophiques, special issue "Art&Pouvoir : Inde et Iran contemporain." http://www.implications-philosophiques.org/actualite/une/industrie-de-lart-en-inde-lascension-des-femmes-entrepreneures/

2016 | Ithurbide Christine, "Art, recyclage et empowerment : la première biennale de Dharavi." Mouvements, special issue "Où va l'homo detritus ?," 2016/3 (No. 87). http://mouvements.info/author/christine-ithurbide/

2014 | Ithurbide Christine, “Beyond Bombay Art District: The Reorganization of Art Production and its New Territories,” Belgeo, special issue entitled Art(s) & Espace(s) / Art(s) & Space(s), 3 | 2014. [On line] https://belgeo.revues.org/13206

2012 | Ithurbide Christine,“Marché de l’art contemporain indien : territoires et réseaux en construction,” Transcontinentales, 12/13 September 2012. [On line] http://transcontinentales.revues.org/1347

2012 | Ithurbide Christine,  “Public Art in Fast Emerging Indian Cities,” {{em_rgencia}, arte + público. Edición # 05: 2012. [On line] (article in English – translated into Spanish) http://www.emergenciaemergenciaemergencia.com/revista/index.php/issues/05/ithurbide/

2010 | Ithurbide Christine,  “Le marché de l’art contemporain indien : Enjeux de la mondialisation de l’art contemporain dans les pays émergents,” Géographie et culture, No. 75, 2010. [On line],  https://gc.revues.org/1671


2017 (forthcoming) | Ithurbide Christine, Art Policy in India. UNESCO-Delhi/CSH

2013 | Ithurbide Christine, Shaping a Contemporary Art Scene: The Development of Artistic Circulation, Networks, and Cultural Policies between India and the U.S. since the 1950’s. Research Grant Report - Rockefeller Archive Center Publication, 2013, NY, USA.


Participation in conferences and colloquia

Conception and organization of workshops/colloquia

April 2017 | Workshop entitled Copyright engagement in creation, appreciation and collection co-organized with Jesal Thacker, Institut Français, New Delhi,

May 2016 | Workshop entitled Industries de l’art en Inde : Normes, territoires et travailleurs  co-organized with Soraya Hamache (Bordeaux III), Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi,

April 2013 | Workshop entitled Artworld Powwow | Art & the Mumbai Development Agenda 2014-2054, co-organized with the Mohile Parikh Centre at StudioX,  Mumbai,

International conferences and workshops

2017 | "The cost of art making: towards an evolution of workers' rights in contemporary art industry?" GIS ASIE 2017, Panel Social and Economic Rights of Artists and Art Workers: A Comparative Perspective on Cultural Industries in India, coordination by Florence Nowak and Christine Ithurbide, Paris

2017 | "From waste to art, gatherers for Mumbai artists" GIS ASIE, 2017 Panel Crossing perspectives on today’s “gatherers”: medicinal plant collectors and waste pickers in developing South Asia, coordination Lucie Dejouhanet and Rémi de Bercegol, Paris.

2015 | “Mapping Contemporary Art Spaces in India – Integrating the Social and Spatial Dimensions of Artistic Practices in Mumbai,” International workshop Artistic Interventions: Histories, Cartographies and Politics in Asia, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), International Institute for Asian Studies, March 2015

2013 | “L’engagement des artistes indiens dans l’espace public à Bombay” International workshop series entitled A la conquête de la rue…. du Maghreb au Moyen-Orient : approche transdisciplinaire et comparée (Asie, Afrique), CESSMA, 19-20 June 2013

2012 | “Toward a Geography of Contemporary Indian Art,” International Conference entitled Spaces of Art, Purdue University, USA, September 2012

Presentations given in seminars (selection)

May 2015 | “Une approche géographique du marché de l'art contemporain en Inde.” Seminar of the GREMA (Groupe de recherche pluridisciplinaire sur le marché de l’art—Multidisciplinary research group on the art market), Université Paris 1 / CNRS

May 2014 | “De l’artiste aux petites mains de l’ombre : construction, organisation et limites des territoires de l’art à Bombay,” CEIAS-EHESS PhD workshop

December 2013 | “To Be a Designer in India: Inside Play Clan and Ishan Kolsha Studio,” Workshop on ‘Dynamiques des industries culturelles indiennes,’ 18thjournée du CEIAS, Paris

May 2013 | “Mondialisation et territoires de l'art contemporain indien,” seminar on ‘Recherche et Mondialisation,’ Centre Pompidou

October 2012 | “Territoires et réseaux de l’art contemporain indien,” seminar on ‘Industries culturelles indiennes : scènes artistiques et littéraire.’ Paris CEIAS-EHESS

October 2011 | “48°C Project ou les artistes contemporains indiens engagés sur les questions écologiques,” lecture series entitled Les Œuvres du désastre. Quai Branly Museum

November 2010 | “L’art contemporain indien : vers une industrie culturelle ?,” seminar on ‘Industries culturelles indiennes : scènes artistiques et littéraire.’ Paris CEIAS-EHESS

From March to June 2010 | “Émergence et les défis de l’art contemporain indien” lecture series: (1) From the 1920s to today; (2) Cities, actors and globalization; (3) Politically active women artists, Quai Branly Museum


Conception and organization of workshops/colloquia


April 2013 | Artworld Powwow | Art & the Mumbai Development Agenda 2014-2054, co-organized with the Mohile Parikh Centre at Studio X, Mumbai

May 2016 | Art and Cinema Industries in India: Norms, Workers and Territories, co-organized with Soraya Hamache, at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Saket, New Delhi, 6 May



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