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	Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India

Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India


Nicolas JAOUL , Alpa SHAH
Nicolas Jaoul, Alpa Shah (ed.)

Theme Section: Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India


Beyond citizenship: Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India

Nicolas Jaoul

Emancipation as social equality: Subaltern politics in contemporary India

Indrajit Roy

“Real, practical emancipation”?: Subaltern politics and insurgent citizenship in contemporary India

Alf Gunvald Nilsen

Citizenship in religious clothing?: Navayana Buddhism and Dalit emancipation in late 1990s Uttar Pradesh

Nicolas Jaoul




Putting-out’s return: Informalization and differential subsumption in Thailand’s garment sector

Stephen Campbell


Migration, residential investment, and the experience of “transition”: Tracing transnational practices of Albanian migrants in Athens

Gerda Dalipaj


Moving on: Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries

Anna Tuckett


Review Articles


Engaged anthropology in the time of late liberalism: Activists, anthropologists, and the state in India

Moyukh Chatterjee


Of dispossessions and reclamations: Anthropology in the time of crisis

Elisabeth Schober


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“Conversion” Religions and Multi-Religious Entanglements in South Asia (8th to 19th c.): Contexts and Perspectives

Journée(s) d'étude - Jeudi 25 avril 2019 - 09:00Religious conversion and coexistence are concepts at the forefront of contemporary political debates in the subcontinent. Political actors are currently mostly busy wielding distinctions such as indigenous vs. foreign and playing a dangerous game o (...)(...)

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Rencontre littéraire autour d'Amit Chaudhuri

Rencontre - Vendredi 12 avril 2019 - 18:00CEIAS - BibliothèqueLe Diwan Wilsonprésente :« Rencontre littéraire autour d'Amit Chaudhuri »Discussion en anglais animée par Tirthankar Chanda Amit Chaudhuri, né à Calcutta en 1962, est romancier, poète, essayiste, critique littéraire. Né dans une famil (...)(...)

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