CECI n'est pas EXECUTE Seminars taught by CEIAS members at the EHESS (2017-2018)

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Seminars taught by CEIAS members at the EHESS (2017-2018)

Current Research on South Asia | (CEIAS SEMINAR) Marie Fourcade, Caterina Guenzi, Corinne Lefèvre, Ines G. Županov


Social Anthropology in India and South Asia | Jean-Claude Galey, Francis Zimmermann


Comparative Anthropology Using Southeast Asia. How can we think longue durée in anthropology today? | Vanina Bouté, Béatrice David, Yves Goudineau,Denis Vidal


Comparative Anthropology of the Sketch. Aesthetic Practices and Circulations of Drawings, Blueprints and Drafts | Yolaine Escande, Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Denis Vidal


Comparative Approaches to Fate: Lot, Share, Link | Cléo M. Carastro, Silvia D'Intino, Caterina Guenzi, Frédérique Ildefonse


Asias | Bénédicte Brac de La Perrière, Guillaume Carré, Amandine Dabat, Alain Delissen, Rémy Madinier, Xavier Paulès, Raphaël Voix


South Asia and Persian Culture (16th-20th century). Scholarly Productions, Translations, Interactions | Fabrizio Speziale


Material Culture and Devotional Practices in Shi’a Societies | Zahir Bhalloo, Michel Boivin, Annabelle Collinet, Sepideh Parsapajouh


Cultural Decentering and the Circulation of Knowledge: Peripheral Experiences | Henry Chavez, Jose Egas


Religious Phenomena in South Asia: A Comparative Approach | Aminah Mohammad-Arif, Grégoire Schlemmer, Pierre-Yves Trouillet, Raphaël Voix


History and Anthropology of Muslim Societies in Contemporary South Asia (SOMA) | Mariam Abou Zahab, Michel Boivin, Delphine Ortis, Fabrizio Speziale


History of the Colonial and the Imperial: Stakes, Problematics, Experiences | Myriam Cottias, Alain Delissen, Céline Flory, Camille Lefèbvre, Xavier Paulès, Aurélie Perrier, Marie Salaün, Fabrizio Speziale, Emmanuel Szurek, Clément Thibaud, Violaine Tisseau, Cécile Vidal


India in Relation to China and Asia: Political Economy and Society | Christophe Guilmoto, Loraine Kennedy


Indian Spiritual Industries: Genealogies, Stakes, Circulations | Caterina Guenzi, Raphaël Voix


Religious Mobility, Space and Circulations: Interdisciplinary Reflexions | Rémy Delage


Mythology in the Indies: Philology, Philosophy and Iconography | Michel Angot


Politics and Authority in Contemporary Sufism (PASOC) | Mariam Abou Zahab, Michel Boivin, Stéphane Dudoignon, Alix Philippon


Research on the Middle East and South Asia in the Digital Age: Models, Challenges and Ambiguities | Rocco Rante, Fabrizio Speziale


Royalties. Power and Knowledge in a Monarchy | Claire Bosc-Tiessé, Pascal Buresi, Fanny Cosandey, Marie-Laure Derat, Elie Haddad, Corinne Lefèvre, Radu G. Paun, Corinne Peneau


Knowledge, Institutions, Economics: Connected Histories and Global Dynamics | Laurent Berger, Juliette Cadiot, Marc Elie, Corinne Lefèvre, Catarina Madeira Santos, Natalia Muchnik, Xavier Paulès, Antonella Romano, Jean-Frédéric Schaub, Silvia Sebastiani, Alessandro Stanziani, Emmanuel Szurek, Jean-Paul Zuñiga, Ines G. Županov


Sociology of Inequalities in India | Joël Cabalion, Mathieu Ferry, Odile Henry, Jules Naudet, Olivier Roueff


Fieldwork Training Course in Agadir | Jean-Claude Galey, Tassadit Yacine


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“Conversion” Religions and Multi-Religious Entanglements in South Asia (8th to 19th c.): Contexts and Perspectives

Journée(s) d'étude - Jeudi 25 avril 2019 - 09:00Religious conversion and coexistence are concepts at the forefront of contemporary political debates in the subcontinent. Political actors are currently mostly busy wielding distinctions such as indigenous vs. foreign and playing a dangerous game o (...)(...)

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Rencontre littéraire autour d'Amit Chaudhuri

Rencontre - Vendredi 12 avril 2019 - 18:00CEIAS - BibliothèqueLe Diwan Wilsonprésente :« Rencontre littéraire autour d'Amit Chaudhuri »Discussion en anglais animée par Tirthankar Chanda Amit Chaudhuri, né à Calcutta en 1962, est romancier, poète, essayiste, critique littéraire. Né dans une famil (...)(...)

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