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	Hinduism on Trial: Seth Naomul and Religious Minorities in Colonial Sindh

Hinduism on Trial: Seth Naomul and Religious Minorities in Colonial Sindh

Matthew A. COOK

20 mai 2015 | 11h - 13h

[Salle 662, 190 avenue de France 75013 Paris]


This presentation examines the trial of the Hindu merchant Seth Naomul by the British East India Company following its 1843 annexation of Sindh. It utilizes the trial to describe pre-colonial relationships between Sindh’s Hindus and Muslims and how they related to imperial expansion. The paper/presentation argues that the status of Sindh’s Hindus, as purportedly oppressed minorities in a Muslim majority region, does not adequately explain support by Naomul and other merchants for the British Empire. Instead, I connect this support to Naomul’s socio-cultural status as a bhaiband and this group’s relationship with other Hindus in Sindh. The presentation looks beyond the role of money and politics to explore how local socio-cultural factors among Hindus in Sindh drove merchant support for Company. However, I also conclude that this support—on trial during the Company’s prosecution of Naomul—played an important role in the formation of the Sindhi diaspora outside of South Asia.


La présentation sera discutée par Rémy Delage (CNRS-CEIAS)

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