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	Land, Development and Security in South Asia

Land, Development and Security in South Asia

SAMAJ 13|2016

South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal

Katy Gardner, Eva Gerharz (ed.)

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Land, ‘Development’ and ‘Security’ in Bangladesh and India: An Introduction

by Katy Gardner and Eva Gerharz


Alienation in Neoliberal India and Bangladesh: Diversity of Mechanisms and Theoretical Implications

by Shapan Adnan


‘Who Has the Stick Has the Buffalo’: Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion on a Pasture in the Indian Himalayas

by Richard Axelby


Land, Place and Resistance to Displacement in Phulbari

by Sadid Nuremowla


The Hindu as Other: State, Law, and Land Relations in Contemporary Bangladesh

by Shelley Feldman


Seeing Development as Security: Constructing Top-Down Authority and Inequitable Access in Jharkhand

by Siddharth Sareen


The Politics of Land, Consent, and Negotiation: Revisiting the Development-Displacement Narratives from Singur in West Bengal

by Ritanjan Das


Dispossession by ‘Development’: Corporations, Elites and NGOs in Bangladesh

by Abu Ahasan and Katy Gardner


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Free-Standing Articles


‘Working from home is better than going out to the factories’ (?): Spatial Embeddedness, Agency and Labour-Market Decisions of Women in the City of Delhi

by Sonal Sharma and Eesha Kunduri


The Left Radical of Afghanistan [Chap-e Radikal-e Afghanistan]: Finding Trotsky after Stalin and Mao?

by Darren Atkinson


The ‘Land of the Vaish’? Caste Structure and Ideology in Mauritius

by Mathieu Claveyrolas


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Book Reviews


Chanfi Ahmed, West African `Ulamâ’ and Salafism in Mecca and Medina: Jawâb al-IfrÎqÎ, the Response of the African

by Marc Gaborieau


Surinder S. Jodhka, Caste in Contemporary India

by Alexandra de Heering


David N. Gellner (ed.), Borderland Lives in Northern South Asia

by Tristan Bruslé


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Contemporary Lucknow: Life with ‘Too Much History’ (SAMAJ-EASAS series)

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Ideas of South Asia: Symbolic Representations and Political Uses

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