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	Islam and Regional Cultures in Pakistan

Islam and Regional Cultures in Pakistan

19ème journée du CEIAS

6 juin 2014 | 9h à 18h30

Organizers : Michel Boivin  et Julien Levesque


9:00 | Reception

9:30 | Welcome note by the directors of the CEIAS

9:40| Brief overview of French research in Pakistan, by Christian Ramage, diplomat, former Consul General of France in Karachi

9:50 | Introductory note by the organizers Michel Boivin and Julien Levesque


Panel 1 – “Ethnicized Islam”: religion as marker of ethnicity

Chair: Amélie Blom (Sciences Po Paris, Europe-Asia Campus, Le Havre)

10:00 | Magnus Marsden (SOAS, London)

Interethnic cooperation among transnational Afghan merchants within and beyond Northern Pakistan

10:30 | Mariam Abou Zahab (CERI-Sciences Po & INALCO, Paris)

 “We are not taliban, what they are practicing is not our Islam”: is there a Pashtun Islam?

11:00 | Coffee break

11:15 | Paul Rollier (University College London)

“Here comes the Lion”: ethnic identity, Islam and the general elections in Punjab

11:45 | Julien Levesque (CEIAS-EHESS, Paris)

 “Ethnicized Sufism” in Sindh: whose identity marker?

12:15 | General discussion


12:45 | Lunch

Panel 2 – Cultures of resistance: cultural productions as subversive discourses

Chair: Laurent Gayer (CNRS-CERI-Sciences Po, Paris)

2:00 | Nukhbah Taj Langah (Forman Christian College, Lahore)

Cultural Representations as Subversive Discourses in South Punjab

2:30 | Nosheen Ali (Habib University, Karachi)

 Between State and Society: Poetic Engagements with Power in Northern Pakistan

3:00 | James Caron (SOAS, London)

Frontier Anti-Politics, Pashto Small Media, and the Rise of Deobandi Populism

3:30  Coffee break

Panel 3 – Places of worship: religious practices, attendance and local power relations

Chair: Sabrina Mervin (CNRS-CEIFR, Paris)

3:45 | Michel Boivin (CNRS-CEIAS, Paris)

Unity or Non-Duality? Vernacular interpretations of wahdat al-wujudin some traditions of Sindh

4:15 | Jürgen Schaflechner (SAI, Heidelberg University)

The solidification of tradition: Hindu identity formations at a Goddess shrine in Baluchistan

4:45 | Muhammad Asif Khan (CEIAS-EHESS, Paris)

The convergence of time and space: mapping the influence and presence of Daʿwat i Islāmī in Mianwali through their mosque network


5:15 | General discussion

5:50 | Note of thanks

6:00  / Evening buffet


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