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Floriane Zaslavsky

PhD Student
Field(s): Sociology
Institutional affiliation(s): EHESS

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Dissertation directors: Loraine Kennedy and Valérie Beaudouin

PhD program: EHESS - Sociology

Initial registration: 2013

The Development of the Internet in India: What Influence on Social Movements’ Strategies of Media Visibility and Integration within Public Space? The Case of the Dalit Movement


With over 125 million users and a growth rate of approximately 40 % per year, India became the third digital market in the world in 2012 and one of the world’s youngest markets, with approximately 75 % of web surfers between the ages of 15 and 34. The successive governments have for that matter been quite aware of the stakes involved and have not hesitated to make new technologies the standard of “India Shining” or to start up projects of e-governance that extend the promise made in 2005 with the vote of the Right to Information Act (Russel, 2012, Satrapathy, 2000). Nevertheless, the impact of this new medium on Indian society remains understudied (Abraham, Shah, 2009). The aim here is therefore to understand how its development is likely to influence the organization of social movements, their types of action and mobilization, as well as their visibility strategies in India.

The research project is focalized more precisely on the Dalit movement, organized by and for the populations formerly designated as “untouchable.”

This research project implies on the one hand a historical contextualization of the relationships cultivated by the movement with mainstream, alternative and communitarian media; on the other hand a two-pronged fieldwork strategy, pursued both on line and in India.


Fellowships and funding


October 2013-October 2016 | EHESS PhD fellowship, funded by the Pres Hésam (“Dynamiques Asiatiques” fellowship).

October 2014 | Recipient of the Pres Hésam fieldwork fellowship.

July 2016 | Recipient of a CEIAS conference grant.

September 2016 | Recipient of financial aid from the Reset-Dialogues on Civilization Association to participate in the conference “Identity and Democracy in the Age of Fear” (Venice, 12-14 October, 2016).




2016-2017 | Introduction to sociology - Sciences Po (Paris).




Annual Congress of the Association Française de Sociologie - 29 June-2 July 2015 - Communication RT-21 Mouvements Sociaux

“Voix locales, réseau mondial - Le développement d’internet en Inde: quelle influence sur l’organisation et les stratégies de visibilité des mouvements sociaux contemporains?”

Workshop entitled “Fieldwork in Social Sciences: New Tools, Changing Practices and Emerging Boundaries of an Evolving Practice”, 31 May 2016 - Université Paris 8, Vincennes Saint Denis (Co-organizer of the workshop)

“Présentation réflexive du terrain effectué au sein d’un réseau de militants en ligne dalit.”

European Council for Political Research Graduate Conference, 10-13 July 2016, Tartu University, Estonia (Co-Chair of the Media and Politics Panel)

“Media, Social Movements and Culture of Controversy: A Study of the Debate Surrounding Arundathi Roy’s Introduction to the Annihilation of Caste”

Seminar organized by the Collège d'Études Mondiales, 22 November 2016, Paris, EHESS - Réseaux sociaux, médias populaires et mouvements sociaux face aux asymétries médiatiques

Presentation of the article “Quels médias pour se ré-approprier une voix ? L'investissement d'internet par le mouvement dalit” (Oct. 2016, Special issue of the journal Observatorio, Médias, internet et mouvements sociaux)




2016 | “Quels médias pour se ré-approprier une voix ? L'investissement d'internet par le mouvement dalit,” Oct. 2016, Special issue of the journal Observatorio, Médias, internet et mouvements sociaux, coord. by Geoffrey Pleyers and Ana Suzina. http://www.fmsh.fr/fr/c/9083

2015 | “Des tubes et des castes,” March 2015, Nichons Nous dans l’Internet 3/2015, pp. 26-29.



Research publicization


Developped content for the website celebrating the 4Oth anniversary of the EHESS: conducted and published interviews (March 2015 – April 2016). 

Organized the CEIAS PhD Workshop, as part of my responsibilities as “PhD-student representative” (October 2015-September 2016)

Member of the INDIAS organization: organization of academic events and of an annual “Indian week” at the École Normale Supérieure (presentations, round table discussions, exhibits, concerts, etc.)


Last update: 26 June, 2017


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