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Professeur d’Histoire du monde et de l’Empire depuis 1500, Gonville & Caius College, Université de Cambridge

février 2014

Sujit Sivasundaram invited by Ines G. Županov & Marie Fourcade is Lecturer in World and Imperial History since 1500 at the University of Cambridge as well as Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies at Gonville and Caius College.

His research interests are in the history of the Pacific and South and South-East Asia; global histories of science; the history of race; historical geographies of empire; the comparative histories of empires and moments of imperial transition; maritime and oceanic history; the history of Buddhism and Christianity.

He is giving the first two lectures in February of 2014, based on two chapters from his recently published book: ‘Islanded: Britain, Sri Lanka and the Bounds of an Indian Ocean Colony’ (Chicago University Press, 2013). Chapters of Islanded will be precirculated for these two talks.

He is also working on a new project on the age of revolutions in the Indian and Pacific oceans with the title, 'Springs of Revolution: How revolt spread in an Age of Maritime Empire.' He will give two lectures on this topic in May of 2014.


Sri Lanka and India in the age of the advent of British rule

6 February 2014, 4 pm to 6 pm, Room 640 - 190 avenue de France 75013 Paris

Hosted by Corinne Lefèvre and Ines G. Županov, co-directors of the research group Histoires de soi, histoires des autres: questions de traduction et d’historiographie


Scholars and monks in the making of Sinhala Buddhism

7 February 2014, 1pm to 3 pm, Room 662 190 avenue de France 75013 Paris

Hosted by Catherine Clémentin-Ojha's seminar Historiographie de l’hindouisme : anciennes et nouvelles perspectives


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